Terms and Conditions for McDonald’s Online Services



Effective Date: 26/10/2022

1. About these Terms and Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”, “Terms of Use”, or “Terms”) describe the terms and conditions on which Armoush Tourist Investment Company L.L.C. and its affiliates, subsidiaries, restaurants, and related companies (“Armoush Co.”, “McDonald’s”, “We”, or “Us”) offer you access to websites, services, applications, including mobile applications, emails, newsletters, subscriptions, and/or any other digital properties or  platforms owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by Armoush Co. on or to which these Terms are posted, linked, or referenced (collectively, “Online Service(s)”).

Armoush Co. is a franchisee of McDonald’s Corporation and owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in Jordan, with its head office located at 240 Arar Street, Wadi Saqra Area, Amman, Jordan.

IMPORTANT: Before accessing and/or using Online Services, please read these Terms carefully; they constitute a legally binding agreement between McDonald’s and you. These Terms contain limitations on McDonald’s liability to you and other provisions that affect your legal rights.

By visiting, accessing, browsing, installing, ordering, shopping from, and/or using any of Online Services, you accept without limitation, and agree to these Terms and affirm that you are able and legally competent to do so.  

By accepting these Terms, you also acknowledge and affirm that you have read, understood and agree and consent to McDonald’s privacy policy “Privacy Policy”, which are incorporated herein as part of these Terms. Our Privacy Policy, describes how we collect, use and share information.


McDonald's may update, amend, modify, change, add to or delete any and/or all of these Terms at any time at its sole discretion and without notice. Shall McDonald’s make any changes to these Terms, the effective date mentioned on top of this page will be updated to reflect when these Terms were last modified. The modified Terms supersede any previous versions of the Terms, but changes do not apply retroactively. You are bound by these Terms and any updates or modifications made thereto, therefore, you should visit this page periodically to review these Terms and any changes made thereto. Your non-reviewing of these Terms shall not in any manner change or deny your acceptance of them. Your continued use of Online Services after any modified Terms are posted constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these Terms. If you do not agree to the modified Terms, then you must immediately stop using Online Services, delete all accounts you have created to use Online Services, or send a written request to McDonald’s at customerservice@mcdjo.com to close any Online Services accounts you have created. Please note that closing and/or deleting accounts may take several days to take effect.

You acknowledge and agree that you do not rely on any representation and/or warranty that has not been made specifically to you in line with the Terms.

2. About Online Services:

It is your duty and sole responsibility to obey the rules of the road and use common sense. YOU MUST NOT USE THE ONLINE SERVICES WHILST DRIVING OR WHILST BEING BEHIND THE WHEEL OR CONTROLS OF A VEHICLE THAT IS MOVING OR NOT IN “PARK” POSITION. In the interest of safety at all times, you should only use Online Services when it is lawful and safe to do so.

McDonald's products and services are available in many parts of the world. However, Online Services may describe or refer to products and services that are not available in your country.

Online Services are not intended for use by children who are under the age at which they are legally permitted in their country of residence to enter into legally binding agreements or provide their consent for their personal data to be processed. If you are under the age of consent in your country, you may not use Online Services. If, in any way, you use the Online Services and/or provide fake age information to create account(s) or use Online Services, you hereby understand and agree that McDonald’s shall not take any responsibility whatsoever regarding your account(s) and/or use of any or all of the Online Services and/or any personal and/or non-personal information related to same, whether you provided such information or they were collected by McDonald’s. McDonald’s reserves its right and sole discretion to entirely delete your account(s) and all their content, without notice, without your approval, and without any responsibility on McDonald’s. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a user under the consent age, by allowing your child to use the Online Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. You also agree that McDonald’s shall not take any responsibility whatsoever regarding the use of Online Services by your child, whether the child used Online Services with or without your permission.

You may be required to create an account to use Online Services or certain features thereof. You agree to provide, maintain, and update accurate, current, and complete information about yourself. You agree not to impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your identity, age, and/or affiliation with any person or entity, including using another person’s username, password, or other account information, or another person’s name, photograph, or other information. You further agree to notify us promptly at customerservice@mcdjo.com of any unauthorized use of your username, password, other account information, or any other breach of security of which you become aware involving Online Services.

You can only have one account at a time for using Online Services.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your account, and you agree to take full responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password, including any activity by an authorized or unauthorized user.

By creating an account, you agree that McDonald’s may contact you using the email address or any contact or personal information you provided in your account.

You are solely responsible for any device, software and/or service you may need, utilize, or use for purposes of using Online Services. McDonald’s is not responsible for, nor guarantees that, Online Services will function on any particular device or with any particular software or internet service.

You are solely responsible for any and all charges, fees, taxes, and any other costs related to your use of Online Services, including text messaging fees. If you access and/or use Online Services on any device including a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other devices, you must have internet service whether through wireless service or a participating mobile service provider. Certain services may require text or multimedia messaging (SMS or MMS) capability. You hereby agree that you are solely responsible for all message and data charges you incur when installing, accessing, or using Online Services, including when we communicate with you by text, email or other means you may choose. McDonald’s is not liable for any delays or failure in delivery of messages or any other communication. Messaging or certain means of communication may not be available in all areas at all times.

You may only use Online Services on devices that you own or are authorized to control or use, and using only authorized operating systems and software.

McDonald’s may from time to time and at its sole discretion develop and/or provide updates for its Online Services, including but not limited to its mobile applications and McDeliveryTM site. Such updates may upgrade, modify, delete or terminate certain or all features and/or functionality of Online Services. You agree that McDonald’s has no obligation to provide any updates or to continue to provide or enable any or all particular features or functionality. It is your sole responsibility to download and install such updates whenever they become available. If you do not, all or part of Online Services may not properly operate. You further agree that updates are part of Online Services and subject to these Terms.

The Online Services may provide links to job opportunities posted by McDonald’s. These opportunities are with us McDonald’s Jordan and not with McDonald’s Corporation or other of its partners or developmental licensees. This means that we alone are responsible for setting the job requirements, all hiring decisions, and all other employment related matters for all our restaurants.

3. Offers and ‘MyMcDonalds’ Loyalty Program - “Rewards”:

In order to enroll in Rewards, you must have an account to use Online Services. You may have only one account at a time. If you already have an account prior to the launch of Rewards, you can use it to participate in Rewards. No need to create a new account.



You have the possibility of unlocking various offers and promotions through the Online Services. Offers are subject to these Terms and any additional terms –as may be deemed appropriate by McDonald’s—including but not limited to the following: (1) offers may be available only through a particular Online Service, for the product shown, subject to availability, in participating restaurants only, and until expiration date; (2) serving times apply, (for example, non-breakfast offers may not be available at breakfast serving times); (3) unless otherwise expressly stated, each offer expires on redemption; (4) offers are not transferable; and (5) there is no cash alternative ; (6) offers are only redeemable in-store at the counter, kiosk or drive thru, (7) up to McDonald’s discretion, certain selected offers may be made available for redemption through delivery channels; (8) offers may be subject to additional terms as appropriate and up to the discretion of McDonald’s; such additional terms will be mentioned on the Online Services on which the concerned offer is advertised.


Offers Redemption Channels:

You can redeem an offer when you place an order to purchase McDonald’s products:

(1) At McDonald’s restaurant, at the counter or kiosk by scanning the offer QR code; or

(2) At Drive Thru by scanning the offer QR code on the Customer Order Display (“COD”), or reading out the alphanumeric code to the crew member taking your order; or

(3) for delivery orders placed via McDonald’s App, McDelivery Website or McDelivery App and/or any digital delivery channels specified by McDonald’s for selected offers. In this case, offers will be automatically added to the delivery cart once offers are redeemed.


Earning Points:

You will earn points based upon the value of your qualifying purchase from a participating McDonald’s restaurant at the rate of (100) points for each (1) Jordanian Dinar, when you place your order:

-  At McDonald’s restaurant, at counter or kiosk by scanning your digital loyalty card; or

- At Drive Thru by scanning your digital loyalty card on the COD, or reading out the alphanumeric code to the crew member taking your order.

-  For delivery orders as specified below.


Earning Points on Delivery Orders

Unless otherwise stated, from 1st of November 2022, you will earn points on all delivery orders placed via our McDonald’s App, McDelivery Website and McDelivery App (“McDelivery Orders”). Orders and transactions via the call center will not earn any points.

McDelivery Orders will earn points based on the points-earning rule applicable at the time.

To place a McDelivery Order and earn points, you need to have an account on McDonald’s App. If you already have a McDelivey account, you may use the email associated with that account to create a new account on McDonald’s App. If you do not have any accounts, then create a new account on McDonald’s App. Otherwise, you will not earn any points for any McDelivery Order you may place.

Orders you place using McDelivery Online service are eligible to earn points provided that, when you place an order, you are signed in to McDelivery (McDelivery App or website) with the same email ID being used on McDonald’s App.

You will not be able to redeem the points on McDelivery service (McDelivery App or Web) with free products, they will only be able to earn points. You will need to use McDonald’s App to redeem their points at selected McDonald’s stores using the McDonald’s App.

With regard to earning points for orders, you understand and agree that your earning of points is conditional upon your full compliance with all earning points requirements mentioned in these Terms. You also understand and agree that your failure to comply with any or all of the earning points requirements as they are specified in these Terms will result in: (1) you will not earn any points for your order; (2) you will have no recourse whatsoever to claim such points; (3) you forfeit all rights and claims –if any—to any points and/or offers and/or Rewards that could have possibly been associated with your order if you had fully complied with the earning points requirements under these Terms. You understand and agree that no reimbursement of whatsoever nature will be made by McDonald’s in this regard.

Please allow for some time for the points you earned for your McDelivery Order to be allocated to your account. Sometimes, there might be some delay. However, should points not be allocated to your account after 24 hours from the time when you placed your order, please report the issue to customerservice@mcdjo.com and our team will investigate the matter within 3 – 5 working days and provide a resolution based on the outcome of their investigation.


Bonus Campaigns or Promotions:

From time to time, McDonald’s may offer bonus campaigns or points accelerators that allow you to earn points in new and different ways. Further information regarding any bonus campaign or promotions shall be made available in the context of such campaign or promotion via selected means as deemed appropriate by McDonald’s and up to its sole discretion.

From time to time, McDonald’s, up to its sole discretion, will be targeting loyal customers for personalized campaigns to reward them better with various incentives that will only be shown to the selected users. Not all users may be exposed to a personalized/ targeted campaign, the respective assignment may be selected randomly and rewarded with program specific bonus rewards and/or points.


Maximum Points You May Earn:

McDonald’s has sole right and discretion to decide the maximum number of points you can accumulate. Your account may hold up to a maximum of (9,999) points at any one time (“Points Ceiling”). Points Ceiling may be changed from time to time by McDonald’s and up to its sole discretion.

 If making a qualifying purchase will cause you to exceed the Points Ceiling, you understand and agree that you will not earn points for that purchase or any subsequent purchases until points in your account are redeemed or expired.


Points Expiration:

Any points earned shall expire after 6 months from the date they were earned.

Only valid points can be redeemed.

With regard to points expiration, you understand and agree that any points you earn will permanently expire after 6 months from the date they were earned. It is your sole responsibility to regularly check your points balance and to redeem points –fully or partially — whenever necessary to avoid loss and/or cancellation of your points once they reach the expiration time limit. You understand and agree that your failure to redeem any points before they expire will result in: (1) you will permanently and completely loose such points; (2) you will have no recourse whatsoever to claim such points; (3) you forfeit all rights and claims –if any—to such points and/or any offers and/or Rewards that could have been associated therewith. You understand and agree that no reimbursement of whatsoever nature will be made by McDonald’s in this regard.



Points are for your personal use, you may not transfer, assign, sell, trade, or barter your points.

Points have no cash value, and are not redeemable for cash.



McDonald’s is entitled to remove and/or deduct earned points at any time if purchased products are returned for any reason and a full or partial refund of the purchase price is refunded. This also applies to the exchange of products, unless the exchange is for products with an equivalent or higher price.

 Points may be subject to additional terms as appropriate and up to the sole discretion of McDonald’s. Such additional terms will be announced via Online Services and/or other selected means as deemed appropriate by McDonald’s and up to its sole discretion.


Redemption of Points

You may redeem your points at participating restaurants for free products from the rewards menu (“Rewards Menu”). You must use the McDonald’s App to convert your points to an offer selected from the Rewards Menu, then you can redeem the offer when you place your order:

- At McDonald’s restaurant, at the counter or kiosk by scanning the offer QR code; or

- At Drive Thru by scanning the offer QR code on the COD, or reading out the offer alphanumeric code to the crew member taking your order.

The Rewards Menu will show what products are redeemable (“Redeemable Products”) and the number of points required to be earned for each of the Redeemable Products. Rewards Menu can be found on McDonald’s App.

* Redeeming points for delivery orders is NOT applicable.


General Provisions:

You may only have one McDonald’s Rewards account at any one time.

You agree to provide, maintain, and update accurate, current, and complete information about yourself for your Rewards account. McDonald’s is not responsible for the accuracy or recency of information you provide in your Rewards account.

You agree to notify us promptly at customerservice@mcdjo.com of any unauthorized use of your Rewards account or any other breach of security of which you become aware involving your Rewards account.

McDonald's reserves its right to change or terminate any and or all offers, rewards or loyalty program if it deems appropriate and up to its sole discretion. This includes if events beyond McDonald’s reasonable control mean that it can no longer operate such offer, reward, or loyalty program.

McDonald's reserves its right not to accept offer, rewards and/or points if, in McDonald’s reasonable opinion, the Online Service or any part thereof, offer, rewards or points have been tampered with.

An account will terminate automatically if not accessed for the duration of consecutive 12 months, or on McDonald’s being notified -with evidence- of the death of the account holder. All points and/or offers earned but not yet redeemed will be cancelled. McDonald’s will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by any person or party as a result of such cancellation.

McDonald's retains at all times ownership of all materials and advertising in connection with the offers, coupons, loyalty program, rewards, products, and Online Services, together with all intellectual property rights in and over the materials and advertising for offers, coupons, loyalty program, rewards, products, and Online Services.

Taking part in the loyalty program amounts to acceptance of these Terms and to their respective interpretation under the law and jurisdiction set out in of these Terms. You agree that the following shall not be considered to be proper participation in offers and/or loyalty program:


- Any purchase (including via a third party (i.e. eBay)), sale, offer to sell, giving away or other dealing with the Online Services or offers and/or points save for as expressly permitted in these terms;

- Any use for any purpose whatsoever, save as expressly permitted in these Terms, of McDonald's advertising, feature taken from such advertising, and/or of the intellectual property rights in or over such    advertising; and/or

- Any breach by you of these terms.

Nothing in these terms shall affect your statutory rights. McDonald's has the right to, in its sole discretion, decline to enter into any correspondence save as otherwise stated in these terms.

All instructions, terms and conditions on any advertising or promotional materials relating to McDonald’s offers, promotions, products and/or Online Services form part of these Terms although, in the event of conflict, these Terms shall prevail over all such other instructions, terms and conditions.

Expressions which have been defined above shall have the same meaning when used in such other instructions, terms and conditions wherever the context admits.

You may, at any time, request to cancel your account by selecting ‘Delete Account’ in the profile section of McDonald’s App, or by sending an email to customerservice@mcdjo.com. Upon confirmation of cancellation, all accumulated offers, points and/or Rewards in your account will immediately expire. Once expired, the points cannot be reimbursed.

You understand that you purchase products directly from restaurants. Accordingly, when you redeem offers or points, you redeem them directly with a participating restaurant and the contract for supplying the products will be between you and the restaurant that accepts your order (and not with McDonald’s Corporation nor any other Members of the McDonald’s System). The restaurant where you collect your products is responsible for preparing the products and providing them to you. YOU FURTHER UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING DIRECTLY FROM RESTAURANTS (AND NOT McDONALD’S CORPORATION OR ANY OTHER MEMBERS OF THE McDONALD’S SYSTEM) AND THAT NEITHER McDONALD’S CORPORATION NOR ANY OTHER MEMBERS OF THE McDONALD’S SYSTEM HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO ANY PRODUCTS THAT YOU PURCHASE FROM RESTAURANTS USING ORDERING. For purposes of clarity, McDonald’s Corporation (which is McDonald’s parent company), its subsidiaries, affiliates, their franchisees, agents, representatives, and agencies and their officers, directors, and employees are together, “Members of the McDonald’s System”.

All products under Online Services are subject to availability at the restaurant where you collect your order. Some restaurants do not sell all products. Images of products and packaging on Online Services are examples only and may not be identical to the product or packaging you receive from a restaurant. Differences may be due your device’s display of colors or factors such as the ingredients used, the supplier, the region of the country and the season of the year.

Each restaurant independently determines its own prices for products and independently applies the local sales tax rate or any fees required by law. Certain offers and pricing may not be available for all orders at all locations. In the event you discover an error in the price of the product charged to you, please contact the restaurant where you purchased the product to seek a refund of the difference.

If you desire to seek a refund for any reason, including if products are unsatisfactory or for other reasons, please contact the restaurant where you purchased the product regarding any refund due to you. Your legal rights in this respect are not affected by anything in these terms.


Fraudulent, suspicious, and illegal activities:

McDonald’s has the right and sole discretion to take any action it may deem appropriate, including removing or suspending any and all of your accounts and any and all points accrued if McDonald’s detect any suspicious, fraudulent or illegal activity concerning your account(s) including but not limited to:

(i)  Engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities;

(ii) Supplying or attempting to supply false or misleading information, or making a misrepresentation to McDonald’s or a participating restaurant; or

(iii) Selling, assigning, transferring or acquiring, or offering to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any reward, benefit or points other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; or

(iv) Excessive earning (via fraud or other means).


4.   Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy provide you with information on how we collect and process your Personal Information when you visit, install, and/or use Online Services and/or other websites and/or applications, including mobile applications, on which this Privacy Policy is posted, linked, or referenced.

 “Personal Information” is any information that concerns you individually and would allow someone to contact you, for example, your name, address, telephone/fax number, email address, or any other information you submit to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s will not collect any Personal Information about you unless you provide them whether via Online Services or by any other means.


Information We Collect

Information we collect may include:

- Personal Information -as defined above.

Any information you provide when you visit, register with, install, and/or use Online Services; and/or when you order, purchase, obtain, redeem, and/or use  services and/or products at or from McDonald’s restaurants, counters, kiosks, drive thru; and/or when you enter or participate in McDonald’s contests, competitions, prize draws, or sweepstakes, etc., and/or when you subscribe to any means of communication with McDonald’s, including but not limited communication for informative, marketing, and/or promotional purposes; and/or when you use McDonald’s internet service/connection whether via Wi-Fi or other type of connection, and/or use any other McDonald’s in-restaurant technologies; and/or when you submit feedback and/or use any other interactive features of Online Services.

- Your account information, including but not limited to your username, password, and other identifiers or credentials used to access Online Services or to acquire McDonald’s products and services

- Transaction information when you obtain or purchase products whether from McDonald’s restaurants, at counter, kiosk, drive thru and/or via Online Services, including but not limited to the product purchased, price, method of payment and payment details.

- Any other information you choose to provide when you visit, install, and/or use Online Services and/or interact with McDonald’s in any other way.

As deemed appropriate by McDonald’s, McDonald’s may wish to communicate with you and/or send you information, messages, promotions, updates, transactional information and the like, to any/or all of the contact information you have provided to McDonald’s as described above. If you wish not to receive any of these communications, you may send us and email that contains your request to customerservice@mcdjo.com, or, if applicable, you may unsubscribe from that specific type of communication. Your request may take several days to take effect.

Instead of unsubscribing from McDonald’s communications, you may choose to set your communication preferences. Communication preference can be found under the profile section of the Online Service that you use. You understand and agree that you may need to separately set your communication preferences for each type of communication method. You understand and agree that for certain account-related and transactional communications, you may not be able to unsubscribe from such communications or set preferences, in the event you no longer want to receive said communications, you need to completely close your Online Services account.


Information Collected Through Automated Means

You understand and agree that we may collect information from your computer system, tablet, mobile, or any other device through automated technologies when you visit our restaurants and/or use our Online Services and/or in-restaurant technologies. These automated technologies may include cookies, local shared objects, and web beacons, and information we collect through them may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address; device operating system, type, and settings, browser type; unique device identifier (UDID) or mobile equipment identifier (MEID) for your mobile device; device and component serial numbers; advertising identifier (e.g., IDFAs and IFAs) or similar identifier; the referring website or application; linked sites, third-party websites, applications or social media where you share Online Services content; and activity related to your use of our Online Services such as the pages you visit on our Online Services.

The providers of third-party apps, tools, widgets and plug-ins on our Online Services, such as Facebook "Like" buttons, also may use automated means to collect information regarding your interactions with these features. This information is subject to the terms, conditions, and/or privacy policies or notices of these providers, for which McDonald’s is not responsible in any way.


Location Information

McDonald’s Online Services and in-restaurant technologies may collect precise information about location of your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other device using geo location and location presence awareness technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cell tower proximity. For most devices and operating systems, you are able to withdraw your permission for McDonald’s to acquire this information on your location through the device or web browser settings. If you have questions about how to disable collection of precise location information, we recommend you contact your device service provider, the device manufacturer, or your Web browser provider. Please note that certain Online Services and in-restaurant technologies may not function properly without precise location information. If you would like us to delete location information we have collected that is identifiable to you, please contact us with your request at the email or postal address listed below. However, we may be required by law to retain certain information of the above.


Combined Information

We may combine personal information that we collect with information we receive from other sources, information about your prior transactions with McDonald’s and information that is automatically collected.


How We Use the Information We Collect

McDonald’s may use the information it collects to:

- Fulfill your requests, orders, purchases, and process payments for our products, services, and/or Online Services; and communicate with you regarding the same and/or regarding your accounts with McDonald’s.

- Communicate with you about product services, and Online Services of McDonald’s and/or our business partners that we believe may be of interest to you;

Personalize your experience in our restaurants or on our Online Services and deliver content (including advertising) tailored to your interests and the manner in which you browse our Online Services or in-restaurant technologies, and to make navigation through our Online Services or in-restaurant technologies easier;

- Communicate with you about and administer your participation in contests, competitions, prize draws, sweepstakes, offers, promotions or special events;

- Send information to your contacts if you request us to do so;

Provide you with customer support and response for your inquiries; and enable you to post on our blogs and interact with McDonald’s through social media or other means of communication as deemed appropriate by McDonald’s;

Perform data analytics, including consumer research, trend and financial analysis; and help diagnose technical and service problems;

Manage, operate, evaluate and improve our business, products, services, Online Services, sales, marketing and advertising practices, offers, promotions, technologies, and any other matters as deemed appropriate by McDonald’s;

- Administer our Online Services; identify users of our Online Services; and gather demographic information about our users. We also use automated information to determine usage patterns and how we may tailor our Online Services to better meet the needs of our users.

- Identify, prevent, and protect against fraud and other criminal activities, claims, and other liabilities, and comply with the applicable laws.

- We may use the information we obtain about you in other ways for which we provide specific notice at the time of collection.


Targeted Advertising

On our Online Services, we may collect information about your online activities for use in providing you with advertising tailored to your individual interests. You may see certain ads on other websites because we participate in advertising networks. Ad networks allow us to target our messaging to users through demographic, interest-based and contextual means. These networks track your online activities over time by collecting information through automated means, including through the use of cookies, web server logs, web beacons and other technologies. The networks use this information to show you advertisements that may be tailored to your individual interests. The information our ad networks may collect includes information about your visits to websites that participate in the relevant advertising networks, such as the pages or advertisements you view and the actions you take on the websites. This data collection takes place both on our Online Services and on third-party websites that participate in the ad networks. This process also helps us evaluate our marketing efforts.

Please note that even if you opt out, you will continue to receive advertisements, but they will not be tailored to your specific interests.


How We Share the Information We Collect

McDonald’s does not sell or otherwise share personal information about you, except as described in this Privacy Policy.

You understand and agree that McDonald’s may share personal information within Members of the McDonald’s System which includes, but is not limited to, McDonald’s Corporation, its affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, vendors, and/or franchisees. Members of the McDonald’s System that receive information from McDonald’s are not authorized to use or disclose this information except as provided in this Privacy Policy.

You understand and agree that McDonald’s may share personal information with vendors that provide services to McDonald’s, such as fulfilling orders, providing data processing and other information technology services, administering promotions, contests, prize draws and sweepstakes, conducting research and performing analytics, and personalizing individual McDonald’s experiences. We do not authorize these vendors to use the personal information or to disclose it for any purpose other than to perform services on our behalf.

Circumstances may arise where, whether for strategic or other business reasons, McDonald’s decides to sell or transfer all or a portion of our business. You understand and agree that we may, without notice, transfer information we have collected and/or stored, including personal information, to the party or parties involved in the transaction as part of that transaction

McDonald’s reserves the right to use and/or disclose  any and all information it has collected and/or stored as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the integrity of  our Online Services and in-restaurant technologies, to bring or defend against legal claims, to protect the rights, interests, safety and security of McDonald’s, McDonald’s employees, members of the public, and/or any other third party as applicable, and/or in connection with the investigation of fraud, illegal activity or violation of McDonald’s Terms and/or policies.


Access to and Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

If at any time you would like to access, correct, or delete personal information we have collected from you, please contact us at the email or postal address listed below. In certain circumstances, including when required by applicable law, we will comply with your request. Please note that we may be required by law to retain certain information.  Before McDonald’s is able to provide you with any information or correct any inaccuracies, we may ask you to verify your identity and/or provide other details to help us respond to your request.


Cookies and Other Technologies

McDonald’s uses cookies and other similar technologies to collect information for the purposes described in these Terms.

A "cookie" is a text file that websites send to a visitor's computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor's browser or to store information or settings in the browser. Cookies help us improve your online experience. We may associate personal information with a cookie file in those instances. Both we and others (such as out advertising networks) may collect personal information about our visitors’ online activities, overtime and across third-party websites, when using our Online services.

Use the options in your web browser if you do not wish to receive a cookie or if you wish to set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. Click on the “Help” section of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features of this Site.

We may encode and protect the tracking cookies and other tracking technologies that McDonald’s sets, so that only we can interpret the information stored in them.

We may use other technologies, including web beacons and JavaScript, which sometimes work together with cookies and other means with our Online Services to uniquely identify your device. These other technologies help enable features on our Online Services.

We may also use certain technologies to determine whether you have opened an e-mail or clicked on a link contained in an e-mail.

Where videos are available on our Online Services, we may target and track the videos you view. You agree and consent to our tracking of your video viewing through Online Services or third-party social media for up to two years, or as permitted by applicable law, or until consent is withdrawn.


Links to Other Websites and Social Media

Our Online Services may offer links to third-party websites that are not operated by McDonald’s. If you visit one of these linked websites, you should review the website’s privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other policies. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of third-parties. Any information you submit to those third-parties is subject to their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other policies.


Information Security

McDonald’s is committed to taking appropriate measures designed to keep personal information secure. We have in place technical, administrative, and physical procedures designed to protect personal information from accidental, unlawful or unauthorized loss, access, disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction. While we take efforts to safeguard our information systems, no website, mobile application, computer system, or transmission of data over the internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.


Retention of Personal Information

We retain personal information for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy and as per McDonald’s records retention policies unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. 


International Data Transfers

McDonald’s is a franchisee in the Members of the McDonald’s System, a global organization with business processes, management structures and technical systems that cross borders. As such, you hereby understand and agree that we may, without notice, share information about you with Members of the McDonald’s System and transfer it to countries in the world where Members of the McDonald’s System carries on business in connection with the uses identified above and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. These countries may not have the same level of legal data protection as the country in which you initially provided the information.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

McDonald's may update, amend, modify, change, add to or delete any and/or all of the provisions of the Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion and without notice. Shall McDonald’s make any changes to the Privacy Policy, the change will be deemed as a change to these Terms and accordingly, the effective date mentioned on top of this page will be updated to reflect when these Terms were last modified. The modified Terms supersede any previous versions of the Terms, but changes do not apply retroactively. You are bound by any updates or modifications made to these Terms; therefore, you should visit this page periodically to review these Terms and any changes made thereto. Your continued use of Online Services after any modified Terms are posted constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to the modified Terms. If you do not agree to the modified Terms, then you must immediately stop using Online Services, delete all accounts you have created to use Online Services, or send a written request to McDonald’s at customerservice@mcdjo.com to close and/or delete any Online Services accounts you have created. Upon closing and/or deletion of your account, all information and content contained therein or associated therewith will be deleted, including but not limited to any points, offers, rewards, and the like; you hereby understand and agree that you have no recourse to claim any of the content of your account back, nor McDonald’s will compensate you for any of the content lost. McDonald’s takes no responsibility whatsoever concerning your decision to delete and/or close your account. Also, please note that closing and/or deleting accounts may take several days to take effect.


5. Intellectual Property, Ownership and Licenses for Online Services:

McDonald’s intellectual property ownership. Any and all rights in Online Services are and shall remain the exclusive property of McDonald’s and/or its licensors, as applicable. For purposes of clarity, “Online Services” includes, inter alia, any and all content on the Online Services, such as, but not limited to, text, images, graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, software, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, audio, video, data and other materials (together, “Content”) as well as any part of Online Services. Online Services are licensed, not sold, to you. Nothing in these terms intends to transfer any such rights to, or to vest any such rights in, you. You may not take any action to jeopardize, limit or interfere with McDonald’s and/or its licensors’ rights.

Your license to use the Online Services. Subject to these terms, you are granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use Online Services solely for your own personal, non-commercial purposes solely in accordance with these terms. For purposes of clarity, “Use” includes access, interact with, and display. No licenses or rights are granted to you by implication or otherwise, except for the licenses and rights these Terms expressly grant to you. McDonald’s reserves all other rights.

Trademarks, service marks, and all graphical elements, including the look and feel appearing on the Online Services, are distinctive and protected trademarks or trade dress of McDonald’s and/or its licensors, as applicable. Online Services may contain various third-party names, trademarks, and service marks that are the property of their respective owners.


Additional Trademarks Information

The following trademarks used herein are owned by the McDonald’s and/or its licensor and/or its affiliates, as applicable: Big Mac, Birdie, Chicken McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish, French Fry Box Design, Golden Arches, Golden Arches Logo, Grimace and Design, Hamburglar and Design, Hamburger University, Happy Meal, Happy Meal Box Design, Helping Hands Logo, Hey, i'm lovin' it, McChicken, McDrive, McFlurry, McRoyale, Ronald McDonald and Design, Super Veggie Mac, World Children's Day, World Children's Day Logo.

All other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.


6. User submissions and unsolicited ideas

Some Online Services may allow you to send comments, remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, photographs, questions, complaints or other information posted or communicated to McDonald’s through Online Services (together, “Submissions”). You understand that by submitting any information to McDonald’s through Online Services, you grant McDonald's a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, sublicense to others, modify, translate, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, and publicly perform the Submissions, including to use them for any commercial or other purpose whatsoever without approval from or compensation to you or any other person. McDonald’s will not be required to treat any Submissions as confidential.

It is McDonald’s policy not to consider unsolicited ideas. While we appreciate you taking the time to consider McDonald’s, we’re unable to review new ideas from outside the McDonald’s system. You expressly waive any and all claims against McDonald’s and Members of the McDonald’s System in connection with McDonald’s consideration, use or development of any product, design, concept or other materials similar or identical to your submission now or in the future.


7. Acceptable uses and restrictions for Online Services

With respect to Online Services, including Content, you agree that you shall not, and shall not allow third parties, to:

a. Use Online Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited as provided under these Terms;

b. Delete or change any copyright, trademark, and/or other proprietary notices of or on the Online Services;

c. Attempt to obtain ownership and/or title to the Online Services, including Content;

d. Use, copy, distribute, republish, display, disclose, upload, post, and/or transmit Online Services in any commercial manner or else;

e. Rent, lease, sell, sub-license, loan, translate, merge, adapt, assign and/or transfer Online Services, and/or combine them with, and/or incorporate them into, any other programs or services;

f. Disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer, copy in source or object code format, and/or create derivative works based on Online Services;

g. Transfer, provide, export or re-export Online Services in violations of an embargo, trade sanction, or other technology control or export laws and regulations, according to the applicable laws and regulations in this regard.

h. Use or launch any unauthorized technology and/or automated system to access Online Service or extract content from Online Services, including but not limited to spiders, robots, screen scrapers, and/or offline readers;

i. Attempt to disable, damage, overburden, impair and/or gain unauthorized access to Online Services, McDonald’s network and/or any user accounts associated with Online Services.


8. Apple Applications

These terms incorporate and supplement the Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) terms and Conditions available at Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions, including the Licensed Application End User terms therein (“Apple terms”). If you are using the online services through Apple application (“Apple Application”), you also acknowledge and agree:

■ Apple has no obligation at all to provide any support or maintenance services in relation to the Apple Application. If you have any maintenance or support questions in relation to the Apple Apps, please contact McDonald’s, not Apple, using the above Support Services details;

except as otherwise expressly set out in these terms, any claims relating to the possession or use of the Apple Application are between you and McDonald’s (and not between you, or anyone else, and Apple); and

■ in the event of any claim by a third party that your possession or use (in accordance with these Terms) of the Apple Application infringes any intellectual property rights, Apple will not be responsible or liable to you in relation to that claim;

If the Apple Application that you have purchased does not conform to any warranty applying to it, you may notify Apple, which may refund the purchase price of the Apple Application to you subject to then-current Apple terms and conditions. Subject to that, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Apple does not give or enter into any warranty, condition or other term in relation to the Apple Application and will not be liable to you for any claims, losses, costs or expenses of whatever nature in relation to the Apple Application or as a result of you or anyone else using the Apple Application or relying on any of its content.


9. Limitations on Liability and Disclaimers:

McDonald’s shall not be liable for any damages and/or injury caused by, including but not limited to, any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, and/or line failure; and/or for any damages and/or injury, including but not limited to, special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials in Online Services, even if there is negligence of McDonald’s and/or an authorized representative thereof has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or both. The above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you to the extent that applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. McDonald’s total liability –if any—to you for all losses, damages, and causes of action (in contract, tort including without limitation, negligence, or otherwise) shall not be greater than the amount you paid to McDonald’s for accessing Online Services or the amount of your order through Online Services. Furthermore, McDonald’s reserves all legal rights to recover damages or other compensation under these Terms or as allowed by law.


10. Indemnity:

You hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that you will not hold McDonald’s liable for any loss or damage caused due to loss of information while undertaking any transaction through Online Services. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless McDonald’s, its affiliates, subsidiaries, restaurants, and related companies, including McDonald’s Corporation, and the officers, directors, employees, and agents of all the aforementioned, and other Members of the McDonald’s System, from and against any claims, actions, or demands, including, but not limited to, reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from (i) your use of and access to Online Services; (ii) your violation of any term of these Terms; and (iii) your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right; and (iv) any claim that one of your Submissions caused damage to a third party.


11. McDonald’s provides the Online Services “AS-IS” and without any warranties



12. Force Majeure

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions that is caused by Force Majeure circumstances and events outside our reasonable control. Such events include (without limitation) the following:

- Strikes, protests, lock-outs or other industrial action;

- Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war;

- Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster;

Impossibility of the use of shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport;

Impossibility of the use of public or private internet and/or telecommunications networks; and

- The acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.


13. General Provisions

 ■ McDonald's makes no representation that the Online Services are appropriate or available outside of the Jordan. If you use Online Services from other locations, you are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

■ These terms will be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of Jordan, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law. Any dispute arises concerning validity, interpretation or execution hereof shall be cordially settled. All disputes that arise, which cannot be mutually settled, then Amman Court (The Palace of Justice) shall be the competent court to hear any dispute in that regard.

■ Although these Terms govern the Online Services as between McDonald’s and you only (and although Apple is not a party to, and no other Members of the McDonald’s System are parties to, these Terms), Apple and other Members of the McDonald’s System are third party beneficiaries under these Terms and will have the right to enforce against you those rights that McDonald’s holds under these Terms to the extent such Terms may pertain to them; there are no other third beneficiaries under these Terms.

■ These Terms are written in English. Any translation of these Terms into another language is provided solely for your convenience, and to the extent there is any conflict between the two, the English version shall prevail.

On termination of these Terms or termination of your permission to use Online Services, all rights granted to you under Terms shall cease; however, these Terms will continue to apply to your prior use of the Online Services and anything relating to or arising from such use. Upon termination, all of the rights of McDonald’s and other Members of the McDonald’s System, including all intellectual property rights, proprietary rights, and licenses in these Terms shall survive, as well as all restrictions on use, all limitations on liability and disclaimers, and dispute resolution as provided under these Terms.

■ Each of the terms and conditions in these Terms are severable and operate separately. If any of them are unlawful, void or unenforceable, then the remaining terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.

■ If McDonald’s fails to insist that you perform any of your obligations under these Terms, or if McDonald’s does not enforce its rights against you, or delays in doing so, that shall not mean that McDonald’s has waived its rights against you and shall not mean that you do not have to comply with those obligations.

■ McDonald’s may transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms to another organization or entity without notice to you, or approval from you, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms. You may only transfer your rights or obligations under these Terms to another person if McDonald’s agrees in writing and in advance.

■ McDonald’s will endeavor to ensure availability of Online Services; however, McDonald’s do not accept responsibility for interruption or non-availability of any of the Online Services for any time or period. Access to Online Services may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond our reasonable control. McDonald’s disclaims all liability for any malfunction, suspension, interruption, and/or non-availability of Online Services, including inaccessibility due to network problems.

■  You acknowledge that transmission of information via internet is not completely secure and therefore, any of your information including credit card may be subject to the risks of online transmission. Although we shall take all reasonable efforts to keep our Online Services secure; however, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted through our Online Services. You confirm that you have assessed and you fully understand and accept all the risks that will and may arise from Online Services including error or delay caused by you, and that you hereby agree and undertake to assume all such risks including those not foreseeable at the date hereof and that you will not hold us or any other Members of the McDonald’s System liable or responsible unless such liability arises due to gross negligence or fault on our part, and subject to these Terms. In any case, liability of McDonald’s shall not exceed the amount of your order.


14. Misconduct

You are prohibited from posting, uploading or transmitting to or from Online Services any material and/or Submission that breaches any applicable local, national or international law, or is unlawful or fraudulent or amounts to unauthorized advertising, or contains viruses or any other harmful programs. You shall not misuse or allow any third party to misuse Online Services (including hacking). Any comments or Submission that you submit through the Online Services must not contain any defamatory, obscene or offensive material; promote violence or discrimination; infringe the intellectual property rights of another person; breach any legal duty owed to a third party (such as a duty of confidence); promote illegal activity or invade another’s privacy; give the impression that they originate from us; or be used to impersonate another person or to misrepresent your affiliation with another person. The prohibited conduct listed above is not-exhaustive and may include any other misconduct. For any misconduct, you will indemnify and hold McDonald’s harmless of all costs and damages which it incurs as a result of your misconduct. We will fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity and/or location of anyone posting any material in breach of these conditions.


15. Contact Us

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the Online Services, please contact us via the “Contact Us” section provided in our Online Services, or at the following contact information:

Marketing and Communications Department

240 Arar Street, Wadi Saqra Area

PO Box 11185, Amman, Jordan

+96265657713 - Ext 210.

Email address: customerservice@mcdjo.com